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to argue that the hutaree had a lot of bark but no bite. >> it's legal to speak out in america. it's legal to have opinions in america. it's legal to assemble with people in america. nobody here threw any bricks through any windows or attacked a congressman or called anybody any foul names pause they had a different opinion. they talked. you're allowed to talk. >> they also plan to prove all of the guns we were just mentioning, robin, were legally obtained. >> richard, thank you so much. appreciate it. he's going to talk a little bit more about what we've learned about this group. >>> the u.s. has won key support for its push for new sanctions against iran. china has agreed to negotiate possible sanctions over iran's nuclear program, from the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. china previously opposed new sanctions. it is one of iran's biggest trading partners. now iran's top nuclear negotiator is in china today. iran insists that its nuclear program is for energy, not weapons. >>> a charter school in philadelphia is no longer going to double as a nightclub. ♪ that's my nightclub music. city of
security. who thinks obesity is making america safe? or less safe for that matter? >>> our top story first. dangerous spring storms are picking up. look at this shot from the texas panhandle. that funnel cloud showed up near amarillo around sunset. it's huge. another tornado was spotted a few miles south of this one. no reports of any injuries but the storm knocked out windows and power to a few homes. if it is on firmed the storms touched ground they will be the first tornadoes in the pan handle this year. the national weather service says it's the slowest start to tornado season on record already, but bob van dillen, that could change this week, right? >> i think it's going to change. good morning to you. national weather service for the day has a slight chance for severe weather, they have a high and i haven't seen a moderate yet this year, the longest into a tornado season we've gone without a moderate risk. obviously good news there. the gulf of mexico waters pretty cool, not allowing for temperatures to heat up around the plains but the upper level low around san francisco now moves
sweetener. [ male announcer ] savory. fluffy. yummy. sweet! [ female announcer ] splenda®. america's favorite no calorie sweetener. [ female ann rollbwaw, [ female announcer ] s ropricelike poulapro, america's favorite no calorie sweetener. penningtonct rollbwaw, [ female announcer ] s ropricelike poulapro, it's rollback ! >>> get this. britain's royal navy is sending two ships to bring home stranded travelers in europe. that's just a drop of relief for the millions of people whose travel plans have been on hold because of volcanic ash from a volcano in iceland. several thousand flights have been canceled over the last five days as a result. >>> the space shuttle "discovery" is going to make its first landing attempt in florida at 8:48 eastern. rain might force a delay. but here's the deal. you may be able to see the shuttle as a streak of light across the sky because it's taking a rare path over land, crossing from the northwest. in the united states. >>> the u.s. is on track to withdraw 25,000 troops from iraq by august from the top u.s. commander there. despite a wave of recent
. sorry. and it's thanks to generous people in america that have helped us >> check out. lightning in the middle of the lava and ash coming from that volcano. you want to be awed by mother nature, these pictures were taken on sunday. the ash cloud is spreading toward north america. look at the picture. >>> new this morning, omg! the pew research center says a third of teens sent more than 100 texts a day, texting is their primary form of communication but more than 4 out of 5 sleep with their phones in or near their bed and one doctor says many teens are losing sleep to stay social on texting, and that that is affecting their grades in school. >>> the space shuttle "discovery" is scheduled to land in about 09 minutes. if you're in the midwest and the south, you may see a streak of light across the sky and it's the shuttle. the first landing attempt is going to be at 7:34 a.m. eastern at the kennedy space center and you're going to see it live here as it happens. nasa canceled two attempts yesterday because of weather, and says that today's forecast looks better. >>> toyota is annou
me and tell me that they hate america. these republicans smile at me, shake my hand and then stab me in the back." so it looks like we have opinions on both sides. >> the activists are upset about what they call excessive government spending. there's a new spending report. we have some numbers to latch on today. >> you know what we got for you, robin, the congressional pig book. love it! it shows you where the government is spending some of your tax dollars, citizens against government waste, they released it every year. here are the high or lowlights. about $5 million for wood utilization research in 11 timber states requested by 13 senators and 10 representatives. there's this one, democratic yvette clarke requested $400,000 for safety improvements at the brooklyn botanic garden. that's some of them. >> you trip over flowers? i'm not sure. >> you got to be careful. >> i'm sure they're legitimate. you can see people who are served by those get excited about what people call the pork barrel spending, while the rest of america goes, hey, how does that help me? >> stop the squealing is
"death to america." kandahar is in the area where the next u.s. offensive against the taliban is expected to happen. >>> a michigan woman got a water bill you don't want to see. her leaky toilet is going to cost her $1200. she says the toilet is in the basement so she couldn't hear it running. >> i knew i would have a larger bill, but i never expected a bill that was 40 times my normal amount that i paid. >> you could be talking about 100 bathtubs of water that you're losing. >> in one week. >> yeah, in a week. >> can you imagine that? the water company is sticking to the charge, but it put her on a payment plan. >> well, that helps out, the payment plan, sure. here's your 80% interest rate on a payment plan. >> no sympathy. >> no, we don't care. we're going to get the money one way or another. >> $1 a week. how's it looking? looks like florida. >> florida's got some action, mainly the southern half. you have a steady wind out of the east off the atlantic ocean. look at thunderstorms piling up now from west palm all the way down to boca raton, miami and stretching down through key west. i
] splenda®. america's favorite no calorie sweetener. baed by foot care scientsu at legal zm help you irate your busess, file patent, at legal zm wmore. at lomom lur >>> archie, veronica, and betty are getting a new friend, and he's gay. this fall archie comics is introducing a new character named kevin. he'll be the first openly gay student at riverdale high school. the story begins with veronica falling for kevin and his attempts to let her down easy. the publisher says it's all about keeping archie's world current and inclusive. >>> european teenagers stranded in the u.s. are going to prom for the very first time. 22 german exchange students got stuck in nashville because of all that volcanic ash. now the guys got fitted for tuxedos yesterday so they could go to the high school prom on saturday. a student talked about trying to understand prom as an american tradition. >> we just know that from american movies, something like this, and see how big it is and "pretty woman" and something like this. i think it would be very -- you wouldn't forget it for your whole life. >> how cute
have done so much. >> i don't think there's a better venue in america to help boys become men and girls become women than through sports. coaches are influential to young people. it becomes a responsibility to help them grow and mature in a positive way. >> have a great coach that was in my life. i think with the cal ripken senior foundation is working with young people, teaching them life says sons, and being a valuable as set in the community. >> want to hear from police officers and teachers, we know we're making a difference. >> to learn how to get involved, check out to. learn more about your community, check out on demand and click get local. for comcast on the red carpet, i'm elaina ruse sew. @@@@@@@@@@@@ >>> this volcano in iceland is causing travel problems around the world. the ash cloud has gotten into the jet stream. oh, great. it has forced airports all over europe to cancel about 17,000 flights. some of the busiest airports are closed outright to u. two u.s. bases are going to be closed. >>> today is the last day to get your census form in the mail. it
is investing 890 to $1 million in five plants across north america. those are going to be in new york, michigan, ohio and one in canada and the plants will built gm's next generation engine for full-size pickup. they'll get better mileage and create less pollution. that will mean job or job security for 1,600 people. >>> it's playboy foundner hugh hefner to the rescue. what he did to keep the famous hollywood sign safe. you know, when i grow up, i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i'm going to work with kids. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at i'm ed whitacre, from general motors. a lot of americans didn't agree with giving gm a second chance. quite frankly, i can respect that. we want to make this a company all americans can be proud of again. that's why i'm here to announce we
them. she is our hero of the week. >> from the west, america, europe, if someone comes and says i want to make your child a prostitute, they would give them one slap or shoot them. but here families are tricked all the time. >> girls are brought from the villages by people who can lure them and tell them they're getting a nice job. nepal is the point of trafficking. once they're here, there's no way to escape. it is my strong hope to stop every nepali girl from being trafficked. when you go to the border exit points, we are intercepting four girls to five girls per day. after the rescue, the girl is taken -- we started this to help rape survivors, trafficking survivors, everybody. the girls who come back from brothels, they are totally psychologically broken. we give them whatever work they want to do, whatever training they want to do. one day the trafficking will end. there is always a small scar that, yes, one day i was trafficked. but today i'm something new in my life. they are my strength. >> more than 12,000 girls have been rescued. >>> if you would like to nominate someone who
and u.s. airways may be talking about a merger again. if they were to tie the knot they'd become america's number two airline. no concrete merger plan yet. we don't have enough details to know how it might affect you. it might be modelled after a della-northwest merger. back to you. >> thank you so much. >>> if you find yourself rushing in the morning get a wake-up insurance with my free wake-up call. i'll call you every weekday morning after you dial 1-800-robin-hln to set it up. deal! >>> we could know within hours if anyone is alive at at bottom of a west virginia coal mine. the rescuers are ready to start their search now and we're expecting a news conference in about 15 minutes. >>> we're hearing the investigation is finished into sexual assault allegations against steelers' quarterback ben roethlisberger. ♪ >>> right now, rescuers are ready to search for four missing miners in the upper big branch mine. that's in west virginia. actually just hours ago they got the all clear that the air inside that mine was safe enough for the rescue mission to begin again. correspondent richard
. >>> well, check out how he survived in this building up america report. here's deborah feyerick in cleveland. >> reporter: hard to believe but not long ago this indoor mountain bike park was a runned down, abandoned warehouse. >> my heart really thought it would work and i was prepared to lose it all. >> reporter: ray spent his entire life savings and maxed out his credit cards to build a dream. >> i have been broke before and i might be broke again. >> reporter: just as the recession hit, ray met jennifer thomas, another cleveland native determined to raise her kids here. helping first-time entrepreneurs turn big ideas into viable, small businesses. >> we saw ray's as adventure sports as an economic driver. >> reporter: when you talk about an economic driver, what do you mean? >> we're looking for a place like ray's to fill hotel beds and restaurants and get people from out of state into our state. >> reporter: it gave ray a $30,000 grant which he used among other things to add heaters and computerized his business. perhaps more valuable, they hooked ray up with a mentor. >> he
a part of what makes america so great? we drive fear into our own people's hearts. >> one police chief says concerns are unfounded and it's against the law anyway. >>> many of you rf giving opinions on facebook. scott says the only people who should have a problem with the law are illegals. but timothy says it seems the to me that the likely targets of this legislation are going to be average people, not violent criminals. go to tell us what you think. you can facebook us or e-mail us. we respect everybody's opinion. >>> a scary multicar crash caused one driver's car to catch fire. we have the bird's eye view if you want to call it that. >> everybody is okay. hats off to nascar for making the cars safe. look at the dashboard video. talladega speedway. this is a track known for crashes. that's the windshield view. now let's show you the bird's eye view. driver jamie mcmurray loses control. his car catches fire. amazingly he was okay. the fence -- wow, kept his car from flying off the track. then this crash cleared the way for brad to essentially win the race. he was almos
alexander, a judge from "america's next top model." the suspect is derek stansbury, a former air force intelligence specialist who served in iraq in afghanistan. he is being questioned. the fbi checked out his home yesterday but his father says that his son is squeaky clean. >> hopefully everything will get ironed out and he'll get to come home. is he a good boy, i mean a good man, he's 26 years old. >> later officials said that stansberry's passport was the real thing. the passenger spent the night in maine, their flight due to leave atlanta later on this morning. sorry, the flight is going to leave for atlanta later on this morning. >>> new this morning, a suicide bombing killed four police officers and injured at least ten other people. authorities in northwest pakistan say the bomber targeted a police checkpoint where the explosion was big enough to damage some nearby homes. pakistani forces have fought hard to stop attacks by taliban insurgents in this part of the country. >>> former illinois governor rod blagojevich's publishing deal isn't exactly golden. the company that publish
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)